LindenLAB 5: (in) relationships – challenging / (un)learning / breaking open

March 30, 2021 until October 16, 2022

LAB 5 focused on the relationships between people, objects and the museum as an institution. How are these relationships formed and developed? What language and space do we need for this? The theme of language is central to a museum. In guided tours, exhibition and catalog texts, press releases and other media, we speak to and with the visitors. As a museum, we position ourselves through this: What does it mean to write in a non-discriminatory and gender-appropriate way? How can we use easy language to make texts more understandable? How can we change our everyday spoken language? What structures need to be broken down to achieve this? Which images do we use and which do we not?

The LindenLAB was funded as part of the Initiative for Ethnological Collections of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Around the museum with Tri!

As part of LAB 5, the research book “Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst” (I see something you don’t see) was created for children: The Triangle Tri invites children and their friends, parents or grandparents to explore the permanent exhibitions with all their senses independently and in a playful way with experimental research assignments. Research assignments are available free of charge in the lobby and at the museum box office.

LindenLAB Podcast

In cooperation with Stuttgart Media University, the first season of the LindenLAB podcast was created, which picks up on LAB 5 topics and brings them “into conversation.

What does language have to do with social structures? Does critical language about racism change consciousness? Or is that just cosmetics?



Zacharias Hauswirth and Faisal Osman are active in the Black Community Foundation Stuttgart. In the first episode of the LindenLAB podcast, they talk with Johanna Speckert and Jana Trenner about basic things: the basic law, white museums and crayons.



Concept and production: Jenny Halda, Yasmin Ismaiel, Johanna Speckert, Jana Trenner, Sarah Zimmermann (HdM Stuttgart) and Martin Otto-Hörbrand (Linden-Museum Stuttgart), online from 13.4.2021, recorded on 26.1.2021

Also in the second episode of the LindenLAB podcast, Zacharias Hauswirth and Faisal Osman are guests. Both are active in the Black Community Foundation Stuttgart. In this episode, they talk to Nareh Khoorshidian and Estelle Rekasowski about dealing with everyday racism and the question of what each individual can do to sensitize themselves to it.



Concept and production: Ievgeniia Brauer, Nareh Khoorshidian, Achara Kunz, Estelle Rekasowski (HdM Stuttgart), Henrike Louise Hoffmann (Linden-Museum Stuttgart), recorded February 2021

Tracy Osei-Tutu from the Democratic Voice of Youth Association and Harald Völkl from the Linden-Museum Stuttgart talk to Ansgar Wörner about what it means to be authentic, how important it is in our time, and what museums have to do with it.



Concept and production: Daniel Baltes, Max Galys, Sina Hammerschmidt, René Kahremann, Lea Schubert, Ansgar Wörner (HdM Stuttgart), Harald Völkl (Linden-Museum Stuttgart), recorded January 27, 2021

With regard to a new museum, we discuss the topic of space: What spaces are needed in a museum and what do museums trigger in us? As a museum, the wishes and expectations of the visitors are important to us. In this episode, there is therefore a role reversal: Janette Helm, a research assistant at the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart, asks three students at the Stuttgart Media University about spaces in which they feel comfortable, which enable encounters or have created a special museum experience.



Concept and production: Stefan Breuning, Lena Glas, Chris Günthner, Lisa Schubert, Sandro Stiehle (HdM Stuttgart), Janette Helm (Linden-Museum Stuttgart), recorded February 2021