LindenLAB 6: Traces from the depot

March 30, 2021 until October 16, 2022

Asearch for a future of history

LindenLAB 6 showed – for the first time in the “recent” history of the Linden-Museum – a selection of the 238 objects sent by Hermann Karl Bertram to Karl Graf von Linden in 1908. Bertram was a first lieutenant of a so-called “Schutztruppe” in Cameroon and took part in the “Southern Expedition” between 1905 and 1907. This military action was aimed at subjugating the political institutions in south-eastern Cameroon, gaining control of the region and supporting the interests of the European trading companies operating in the region at the time.

LAB partners

The three project partners of LindenLAB 6 – Professor Germain Loumpet, Tah Kennette Konsum and Stone Karim Mohamad – have long been working in different ways to disseminate knowledge about the stories embedded in Cameroon’s cultural heritage. On their way together from the museum depot back to south-eastern Cameroon, they came into contact with a long-lost historical collection as well as with each other. In the presentation, they provided insights into a lively discussion about the politics of cultural memory in Germany and Cameroon.


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Martina Mustermann

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