Oceania – Continent of Islands

Malagan-Skulptur eines Menschen, der von einem Fisch verschlungen wird

Default title Default title Oceania – Continent of Islands Ever since humans discovered and settled the islands of the Pacific thousands of years ago, there have been many connections between the widely scattered land masses in the world’s largest sea. […]

South/Southeast Asia

bunte Kolu-Puppen aus Indien

South/Southeast Asia The exhibition presents highlights from the South and Southeast Asia collection. It features ancient and modern sculptures, architectural fragments, paintings, textiles, and a variety of everyday objects from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri […]

America Room

America Room The America Room was designed for the museum’s educational activities. It is both thematically and regionally organized. Objects from the prairie and plains cultures of North America document subsistence, including farming and […]

Wo ist Afrika?


Wo ist Afrika? Wo ist Afrika? Wo ist Afrika? offers insights into the Linden-Museum’s African collections. It was curated in 2019 by Dr. Sandra Ferracuti with the intention of engaging historically, aesthetically, and critically […]